5 STAR COSMOS 【155 / 156 / 157】

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The uniqueness of COSMOS series are the design and the material. However in 5STAR range has higher grade material (Molybdenum Cobalt Alloy). The material achieves great sharpness and longevity. The master piece of HIKARI Scissor that only skillful craftsman can manufacture.

New-Line Up for 5STAR series.

By modifying rings, triangular pivot and finger rest, sharpness, stability and comfort has been improved.


Molybdenum Cobalt Alloy

5STAR Material which has high durability and unique sharpness is processed through forging and tempering.  Highly durable and unique soft sharpness for cutting thick and coarse hair.

Blade HIKARI Sword Convex
Screw Hand Tension Adjustable Screw

Triangular Pivot & S.Smoother

2 Sides / Brown
Triangular Pivot allows you to transmit cutting effort throughout the blade even when you open the scissor 90°.

Finger Ring and Finger Rest

Thicker finger rings increase an area that fit with your fingers. The finger rest has slight curve than the other scissors, therefore it gives you more comfort and stability.

Finger Rest

Wider and shorter finger rest that has position to forward when you hold scissors. it gives you more comfort and stability.

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