"Hikari Craftsmanship" Exceeds Machine-Made

Is Hikari Scissor machine made?
No. Most of Hikari Scissor is made by hand. Hikari Convex can be made only by our craftsmen.
Hikari Scissor cuts hair smoothly without pressure. This is because the scissor is properly balanced and two blades meet one point and cuts.
All Hikari Scissor is made by craftsman, adjusting unique linear arcs on the two blades. The result is the unique sharpness of "Hikari Feel".
Shape can be made similar, but the feel is NOT.

Technology and philosophy

Hikari Convex Features Consistent of "High Durability and Sharpness"

Although the blade is sharp enough, the sharp blade is thin and delicate, so it is easy to cause biting each other, etc., and the practicality of the scissors is lowered as it is.
However Hikari Convex Scissor is a surprisingly sharp blades, while keeping the thickness of the supporting blades, and compatible with the practicality and unique feel in cutting as longevity and repairing durability.


The Convex Blade in Scissor is invented by Hikari

The result of Hikari Convex verse others are: