The light of technology and tradition

The "angle and polishing method of the cutlery" cultivated in many years of research and experience was the first patent in Japan. Hikari scissor with the same blade as the Japanese sword is hand crafted at our Niigata factory.
"For hairdressers all over the world" this is our policy to make all our customers happy through our scissors. 

Company Profile

Trade name Hikari Corporation
Establishment August, 1967
Capital 13,000,000 yen
Representative Shinichi Takahashi
location Headquarter
25-8 Saiwai, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo, 173-0034
TEL: 03-3973-1626 Fax: 03-3956-1869
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Osaka Sales Office
5-1F Sumiyoshi New Life
3-15-26 Nagaihigashi, Sumiyoshi-ku,
Osaka-Shi, Osaka-fu, 558-0004

Sapporo Sales Office
203 Murasada Building,
5-3-1, Higashi Sapporonizyou,
Shiraishi-ku, Sapporo-shi, 003-0002

Tokyo Factory
25-8 Saiwaicho, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo,

Niigata Factory
387-1, Kamiyamaya, Agano-shi,
Niigata, 959-1945

Hikari Service Center Atelier Omotesando
1F, Sankiemu A, 5-23-5,
Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, 150-0001
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number of employees 58 people
Business content Manufacturing and sales of Hair Scissors and Cuticle Nipper
Customers Domestic
300 Dealers,  40 Academies

U.S.A, Australia, Greece, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, New Zealand, Russia, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, 
Affiliates Hikaria Service Center Tokyo, Hokkaido, Niigata, Gunma, Nagoya, Okinawa

History and main activities

In 1967 Established Hikari Cutlery Laboratory
In 1976 Established Tokyo Plant
In 1979 Held 12th Anniversary Hair Show
1983 Niigata Plant established
In 1985 Established Hikari Products Japan
Held 18th Anniversary Hair Show
In 1986 World Hair Show '87 (held at 9 major cities nationwide)
In 1987 World Hair Show '88 (held at 8 major countries)
20th Anniversary Hair Show
In 1988 World Hair Show '89 (held at Tokyo, & two cities in Osaka)
Year of 1990 International Tokyo '90 International Trade Fair Exhibition
In 1991 Visited the President Regan (US)
International Tokyo '91 International Fair City Exhibit
In 1992 Hair World '92 Exhibit
1st Hikari Dealer International Conference
In 1976 Happiness party
(Hikari 25th Anniversary, Tokyo Factory Memorial, Hayako from Japan Culture Promotion Association, Social Cultural Achievement Awards, Main Press Commemorative)

IBIN Japan Team, Hair Show
In 1997 Osaka Sales Office opened
year 2000 Hikari Cutlery Laboratory & Hikari Products japan meagered to Hikari Corporation.
2002 Established Sapporo sales office
2004 Established Atelier Omotesando
Year 2005 Moved Atelier Omotesando to current location
2007 Held 40th Anniversary Event Hikari Evolve
2011 Osaka Sales Office relocation
Atelier Osaka opened
year 2012 Korea branch Atelier Hikari Korea established
Get approval about "Management Innovation Plan" from Tokyo
From the Ichibashi Ward Industrial Promotion Corporation "GIR COSMOS", the Product Technology Grand Prize Best Award
2014 Headquarters and Tokyo Factory relocation
2015 Special award grant of "courage management prize" operated by the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce
2016 Stella Cosmos awarded 
Sapporo sales office relocation
2017 50th Anniversary Party Held