The Terminology of Hikari Scissor

Basic knowledge of scissors 

The key factor of "Hikari Feel" is Stainless Alloy + α

The basic material of scissor is stainless steel. When you feel Stainless Steel, it may remind you that stainless steel is good to prevent from rusting, but the feel in cutting is not very sharp. In salon work, scissor is used under severe condition of moisture and chemicals. Stainless Steel is a best material to achieve longevity under the circumstances.
There are various types of stainless steels. The uniqueness is the ratio of the components, ex. Molybdenum, Cobalt, and etc. and also, it is very important that how the material is proceeded, ex. forging, tempering and etc, having high durability. Material is important, however how the material is proceed is more important to achieve the unique feel of Hikari cutting.