Understand function and characteristics and select optimal sewing selection

How to choose is difficult, but a convenient sewing scissor.
Understand the characteristics of the Sewing Scissors and choose the shissers that meet yourself.

With "ski rate"

Skiing rate comparison

The proportion of the amount of hair that can be cut by one opening and closing of the hair. Scissors of Ski Rate Cuts about 10% of grassing hair.
Skill rate 80% can be cut so that holes are opened in hair.

The higher the skittility, the reliable technique

Comparison image

Squeezes with high ski rates have a lot of cuts cut in one time, so the speed will be quite faster, but the risk will grow. Sewing seasing (50 to 70%) is as a solid technique.

Sewing "Match Blade" and "Reverse Blade"

Mallads and reverse blades

Sewing has a "straight blade" and "reverse blade".
"Machine blade" is a barber blade, and "reverse blade" is a blade. Used by the style to cut.

Hikari is also a sewing cutting edge

The sharpness is born from exquisite adjustment. Senning is not an exception. Hikari put an exquisite balance adjustment such as back ski-hineli Aki, even one of the fine dusty blades.

Unexpectedly difficult Sewing Selection

The higher the squeezer, the more haired hair, and the more haired hair is finished faster. In other words, it is more advantageous as a highly skeletious sewing seasing, but more reliable technologies and minimal attention are required for the script and number of times. Please choose appropriate sewing according to your own technology and purpose.