You can choose the best scissors for you in Hikari line-ups

There are 34 series of scissor line-up in Hikari.
There several sizes for each series, and 113 models are available. This variation was born from "difference in use", "difference in material", "difference of specifications". The optimal scissors differ depending on the difference between the years of experience and the technique. Find  the scissors perfect for yourself referring to the steps below.

Step1 What kind of style do you make?

By Size

First of all, clarify the purpose (hair style) to use.
It clearly decides the length to make any styling of the scissors planned for purchase.

· Blunt Cut ・・・ 5.0 to 5.75 (6.0) inch
· Stroke, One Length ・・・ 5.5 (5.0) to 6.0 (6.8) Inch
· Scissor-Over-Comb ・・・ 6.5 to 7.25 inches
※varies with size of hands.

By Blade Shape
· Blant Cut, One length · Scissor-Over-Comb ・・・ Willow Leaf Blade
· Slide/Slice Cut, Stroke, Effect ・・・ Bamboo Leaf Blade

How many scissors should i have?
Even if you are experiencing, you need at least two cities in Juniors.
Even if you are just became a hairstylist, we recommend at least 2 pairs of blunt cut scissors and a pair of thinning scissors. and also it is important to have additional one or two pairs for spare( in case or dropping or sharpening/repair).

STEP2 Measure the Appropriate Finger Ring Size

STEP3 Your experience is...

STEP4 Check "Feature" and "Uniqueness" of each series!

For example
· For petite fingers ・・・ Nina Cosmos / Neo Cosmos
· Slide/Slice cutting ・・・ B-Dry
· Various holding styles by technique ・・・ Anatomic Grip

Step 5 Check the "Balance" of hand and scissors!

All people have different size of hands. Each scissor in category have different center of balance.

Do you not choose like this?